[Updated] Puzzle & Dragons Story Ver. 1.4.0 Update Notice (6/26/2024)

[Updated: Wednesday 6/26] The update has been released.

Ver. 1.4.0 is coming soon to the App Store.
For the best play experience, please update to the latest version once it becomes available.

*App Store release times may vary depending on your device.
If the latest update is not immediately available, please check again later.
We recommend rebooting the app after the update.


Ver. 1.4.0 Details

[Creature Details]
-New Synchro function arriving.

[Level Up]
-Extreme Limit Breakthrough feature arriving.
-With some exceptions, Level Limit Breakthroughs will no longer have a Mana cost.

-The amount of Mana required to Create creatures will be reduced across the board.

-A portion of the Story Dungeons will receive additional text.
-The Special Dungeons menu will gain buttons to allow scrolling between Stages.
-Additional battles will be added to the BONUS1, BONUS2 Special Dungeons.
-The amount of Mana awarded for completing the Colosseum will be increased.

[New Content]
-Colosseum 3 arriving.
-A number of ★4 Special Dungeons will be added.
-New weekly Special Dungeons will be added.

-Creatures equipped with the new Damage Voice Piercer skill arriving.

-The Graphic Mode setting will be relocated to the System menu.

[Level Up]
-The Extreme Limit Breakthrough feature has been added.

-A portion of the Story Dungeons have received additional text.

[New Content]
-Colosseum 3 has been added.
-A number of ★4 Special Dungeons have been added.
-New weekly Special Dungeons have been added.

-Other bug fixes and balance adjustments arrive.

As always, thank you for playing Puzzle & Dragons Story.